What are Records?

Records are the whole purpose of a content management system. They are what holds the data that is needed for building your website or application. This data can be easily changed through the Fuchsia user interface or through the headless API.

Records belong to Collections, which are logical groupings of records. Records must obey the format of the connected model. For example if a Model has fields with code names name, age, height. Then the record must also have fields name, age and height inside the data field of the object.

Publishing Records

By default, all newly created records are unpublished - which means they will not be returned from the API calls unless the query parameter includeDrafts=true is added to the query records request.

This is to allow fine grained control over what is included in the API response without having to create your own field in your model called Published.

To publish or unpublish a record, simply click the checkbox in the edit record form in the user interface - or through the API by setting published to either true or false.

Querying Records

Querying records is one of the best parts of the Fuchsia API, it is easy to do and is flexible to handle any filter needed.

To learn more about querying, check out the API docs for record querying.‚Äč